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How to draw a side face? Let me demonstrate to draw it step by step with realistic and anime style

Hi cutie, I am Comic black rainbow. After I introduced how to capture the proportion of facial features last essay. Some cuties ask me, what about side face? Actually, the proportion of the side face is similar to the front face. This time I directly used the files to demonstrate to you how to capture the proportions of side facial features.

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If you not yet read the essay that How to draw head? Key proportions of facial features to make you draw a beautiful face and The rule of drawing Anime cute head!? After reading the article, you will learn to draw a cute head, please read them first so that when you read this essay you can keep up the content. If you think this content is too simple and you want to know the knowledge clearer. Welcome to watch the video on my Youtube channel, you will get a detailed explanation.