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How to give an advice to help others improve their drawing

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

After I posted two articles about attacks, criticisms, and suggestions on paintings.

Today I want to share with you how to properly give the advice to help others improve their drawing.

Since we are all on the road to painting, get a friend is good then get an enemy.

We all want to be appreciated and helped by others.

Why aren't others?

So when we are willing to give others more goodwill and help, I believe you can also get some goodwill from others and such a positive cycle can help this circle develop forward.

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When we browse other's works, we are for visual satisfaction, and we look forward to getting the enjoyment we want. But when we stumble across many works that don't meet our standards, we would be disappointed or angry about this and leaving negative response or arrogant criticism. Of course, each of us has the right to evaluate, but creators also have their own freedom and choice to express their works. In order to avoid unwarranted disputes and strike between your opinion and other's works. I want to share several ways and opinions with you about “provide advice”:

1. Before we evaluate and suggest other's work, you should clearly understand who we are and respect each other.

Never use a commanding tone. We watch other's work for free, rather than paying. Giving instructional suggestions is likely to become an imperative request, for example: "Red hair is ugly, it is better to change to blue", " Draw a complete background "," Your shadows can't be painted so sharp, you need to paint a little blur "... and so on. Such suggestions may come from your personal opinions and preferences. Emphasize that the suggestions come from your personal opinions and feelings, and it would be more respectful for others. Such as "I personally think that ... is better", "If me, I will ...", "For me ...", etc.

2. Facing creators who don't accept your suggestions and opinions.

Sometimes we may provide our own ideas to others. It may be just goodwill from our subconscious, or we may want to show ourselves. Whatever, you are willing to share your opinions is a precious act. People don't like the feeling of being rejected, so if you feel lost or angry because someone doesn't accept your suggestion, it is understandable. But we don't need to be anger or argue with others. You have the right to give your advice, and others also have the freedom to refuse so respect each other is a good choice.

3. Facing creators who ask for opinions and views

Sometimes creators would ask for suggestions from us, but it doesn't mean that the creators are with a strong heart. They are also humans, and they are also afraid of being hurt. When making suggestions and ideas to these creators, try to explain the reasons and propose possible solutions, if it's based on personal opinions and feelings. If you want to provide professional advice and assistance, you can also share professional information, sources, or personal experience with each other. Because the creators asked for advice, you can give decisive feedback directly, but in the end, don't forget to give them a little courage.

4. Give praise and encouragement.

Creation is only good or bad, and there is no right or wrong. Creation is not an exam with a correct answer. Moreover, we are making suggestions instead of scoring each other in the classroom. Every stroke and arrangement that the creators make is a reason or perhaps no reason at all. Even if you can't provide a positive response to the work, the creator is willing to give his/her time and energy to make the work and share it with people. This spirit is also worthy of praise, so give friendly praise and encouragement to these creators occasionally, it is spiritual food and a great help to them!

I am happy that you read this article, hope it can help you! And I hope you can feel the pride of helping others when you give positive advice to others. If you have any questions or opinions, please feel free to tell me in the comment below or use social media or mail to share with me!




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