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Stop drawing eyes as honeycomb! Draw eye spots, let you draw bright piercing anime eyes

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow,

Are you often troubled by "I can't draw bright piercing eyes"?

And you want to learn to draw cute eyes as many anime…

If you have read the "3 Steps let you draw eyes in any direction!!!" tutorial article I posted before, you can probably know how to draw the eyes.

After you got this basic concept of drawing eyes, it won't be too difficult when you draw cute anime eyes.

But theory needs to be learned and practiced in practice, so if you still don’t know how to draw eyes.

I recommend you read the "3 Steps let you draw eyes in any direction!!!" article first, you will get the skill in this tutorial more quickly!!!

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I believe that you should be familiar with it, right? ( laugh

In fact, many beginners can easily draw eyes like honeycomb eyes.

Because without knowing of the eye structure and light and shadow knowledge, it seems that many comics are drawn like this, so many beginners just drew like this.

But how to draw eye light points still has the rule to follow!

You should be familiar with this ball, right?

It appeared in the tutorial of " 3 Step to color shadows so that it wouldn't be dirty" before.

Actually, eyes are like spheres.

When the light shines on the sphere, the bright side will be the brightest.

But if there is another light on the reflective surface, there will still be a little reflection.

So through this basic concept, we can see what the situations there will be no light spots in the eyes, and what the other situations there will be light spots.

You can see why many painters don’t paint the eyespots when they draw a person who is sad or disappointed. Because our heavy eyelids cover the part of the eyeball that can receive light.

But when we are in a good mood, our eyes usually open wide.

At this time you can see light spots that the light shining from top to bottom on our eyes!

So do you understand why some painters paint some characters will draw a lot of light spots on the eyes to make the characters look happy and lively.

Because the painters probably want to create a bright environment or the character feels very energetic.

At this time we can apply this little knowledge to draw anime eyes!

I first draw the eyes with no light spots. Have you noticed the feeling of looking down or the eyelids heavier? I reserved a little reflective light on the left eyes that are just a demonstration. I just want to express that drawing is not an immutable logical principle. Sometimes we want to make the eye a little piercing, but don’t want the whole eye to be apathetic. Maybe we do not add light points, but keeping a little brightness. At this time, it has nothing to do with the knowledge of light and shadow, but the painter's own choice!

Then, I drew two piercing eyes. In fact, you will find that the reflections of many anime eyes are drawn as big and obvious points as the key light. In fact, it’s because our eyes are moist. Any reflections will be particularly obvious on wet objects, just like we are looking at the reflection of water. But some painters will draw many light spots on the eyes, this is what the painting method that the painters will do when they want to emphasize something. Sometimes strengthen some of the prominent parts you want on the existing knowledge, and you can’t say it is right or wrong. Otherwise, each painter wants to express in different ways. At this time, it depends on what you choose with your aesthetics!

Finally, I draw you super anime eyes with celluloid! In addition to the key light and the reflective light, a brighter green circle is added to the pupil as a highlight, so in addition to the eye light spot, you can even do some detail beside the pupil. Of course, if you have some interesting drawing way, you can also share the special eye drawing method with me!

Actually, you can find that the drawing method of anime eyes really simplifies many details of the eye structure.

It even made a lot of deformation.

But this is all thanks to many painters or cartoonists.

They make future generations refer to their works and make more attempts and improvements, and created the mainstream painting style of the animation industry nowadays.

In fact, mainstream and non-mainstream are not absolutely good or bad.

So you don’t need to feel embarrassed because of your favorite taste.

If you can go forward bravely for your love, you would get the result that you want.

I do my best to produce content that can help you to progress in painting. I also try to meet the habitual needs of different viewers on the content medium as much as possible, produce articles, pictures, videos, and other media and resources to help you understand and learn. If you are interested in animation and painting, but the theme and content that I have not produced, please also give me some suggestions! I will be so happy! If you have any problem, Please feel free to tell me in the comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! I am very happy that you read this article, I hope it helps you!




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