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Stop raping pen and paper! Sketch anime shadows like this, your painting is like master work

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

I often see some beginner cutie drawing sketches.

I can see that the cutie who likes to draw is so motivated and attentive to practice drawing.

I am so glad.

It seems that many powerful masters will be added to the field of anime painting.(There is a free line draft file for you to practice below)

But I recently discovered some cuties want to draw shadows by sketching after drawing a line draft and this happens...

Cutie! If you draw like this, do you know you're raping pen and paper by drawing shadows like this!

In order to let you reduce rough painting, I'm here to show you when we're doing sketching practices how to draw shadows easily without making you feel like it takes time to draw shadows with lines or hatching and leads to impatient and draws a tornado...

Pick up a pen and paper now and try drawing with me!

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First of all, because we are here to strengthen our ability to draw anime sketch shadows, it is not recommended to draw any difficult shadows at first. You can start with the most basic shadows, so I suggest you to find a celluloid anime drawing to do the practice first. Because the shadows of celluloid have a very clear shadow range, and there are no gradation details, so you don't need to think too much when you practice. Here I think the example as Nargyle and Toshi are relatively suitable.