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Stop raping pen and paper! Sketch anime shadows like this, your painting is like master work

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

I often see some beginner cutie drawing sketches.

I can see that the cutie who likes to draw is so motivated and attentive to practice drawing.

I am so glad.

It seems that many powerful masters will be added to the field of anime painting.(There is a free line draft file for you to practice below)

But I recently discovered some cuties want to draw shadows by sketching after drawing a line draft and this happens...

Cutie! If you draw like this, do you know you're raping pen and paper by drawing shadows like this!

In order to let you reduce rough painting, I'm here to show you when we're doing sketching practices how to draw shadows easily without making you feel like it takes time to draw shadows with lines or hatching and leads to impatient and draws a tornado...

Pick up a pen and paper now and try drawing with me!

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First of all, because we are here to strengthen our ability to draw anime sketch shadows, it is not recommended to draw any difficult shadows at first. You can start with the most basic shadows, so I suggest you to find a celluloid anime drawing to do the practice first. Because the shadows of celluloid have a very clear shadow range, and there are no gradation details, so you don't need to think too much when you practice. Here I think the example as Nargyle and Toshi are relatively suitable.

After you find the picture you want to practice, you can draw the line draft first. If you don't have a line draft, you can also take a cartoon you like and draw the line draft. If you are still too lazy to find a line draft or a line draft, That's okay, I'll just give you a line draft to practice!

After we have the line draft, we can print three to five sheets (if you want to practice a few more times, we can print multiple sheets), because if you feel unsatisfied with the drawing during the process, you can get new ones to practice a few more times. The printed size is recommended not to be smaller than A5 nor larger than A4, this size will make us more comfortable when doing practices!

After we have the line draft, we can do practices directly on the line draft. Here we can first draw a very thin line in the shadow range with very light force, so that the line in the shadow range will not appear abrupt!

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Next is the highlight of painting the shadows! When drawing the shadow of an entire block, please don't be impatient when you see the shadow block that you want to fill with hatching! As long as you stay still, I promise that you will draw great shadow hatching later. If you still can't draw it, don't be discouraged. The strength of your hands can be mastered slowly by practice. Just calm down and practice more. After a few times, you will definitely get the feel of it slowly! Here we can first draw a whole shadow block with a very light force in the form of hatching.

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After painting the first layer of shadow with very light force, we can take a look at the overall effect. If you think the shadow is too inconspicuous, you can add a second layer of shadow, or a third layer.

(First layer on the left,second layer on the right)

Why don't we just paint one layer at the beginning? Because when drawing shadows with hatching, if you are not skilled in line drawing, and you use ordinary force to draw at the beginning, you will definitely encounter the situation that the lines are different in depth and messy. Rescue it, usually by re-wiping and repainting.

But if you are slowly painting layer by layer, you can make some repairs when you paint the second layer if you are not good in the first layer, and repair the bad areas in the second layer in the third layer. The advantage of painting like this is that we can allow ourselves to make a little mistake in the process of painting, because we already know what the remedial measures will be after the event, which means that we have left an opportunity and space for ourselves to try and make mistakes. In this way, painting will be less frustrating because one failure makes the whole picture ruined! This is also the reason why we need to draw layer by layer when we are not very good at mastering hatching and line drawing, instead of wanting to draw just once like those master painters!

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Cutie, did you take out a pen and paper to try drawing while you were reading this tutorial? (Those who are too lazy to draw line drafts can slide directly to the up to download the free line draft file and print them out for practice)

Most likely not.

You may think, "This is so time-consuming to draw!"

"Why can't I just draw it just once?"

Darling, don't have grandiose aims but puny abilities.

Because you are not a master now!

Of course I'm not saying this to make you discouraged.

Because what I said is that you are not a master "now".

Instead of saying you "never will be"!

So take out the pen and paper now and start practicing along with it.

No need to rape paper and pen because you are impatient or can't draw good-looking drawing.

Getting the drawing better must be a goal just around the corner!

You will definitely reach the drawing realm you want!

After practice, maybe even after practicing with the above steps and methods, you will still feel that the sketches you draw are not very satisfactory, or the lines are still messy. This may be because of the way you draw and arrange lines need to adjust, but it's okay, don't be nervous! In the above painting tutorial steps, I also put the corresponding extended reading, so that you can absorb a lot of painting skills and tips! If you find that you can't see anything strange, or can't find the problem of your drawing, please feel free to comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! I'm glad you finished reading this tutorial, I hope it helps! I also look forward to seeing you draw a sketching practice that you are satisfied with!



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