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5 steps of anime sketching practices that must be done before learning digital drawing

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

With the development of digital technology, more and more people want to start learning digital drawing.

But because you feel that your drawing ability is not enough, so you still consider it.

That's why I made this tutorial of this 5-step anime sketching practice.

On the one hand, in order to help you accumulate a little drawing ability before learning digital drawing.

On the other hand, I also hope to increase your confidence in painting.

Before you learn digital drawing, You can draw good anime drawings with ordinary pen and paper.

So now please take out your pen and paper.

Follow my step by step teaching, try to practice drawing your anime sketches!

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1.Find sketch reference

First of all, let’s find the reference image that we want to practice. Generally speaking, I would recommend that beginners with zero basic knowledge should find an anime reference image with obvious light and shadow in this practice, the reason is that will not make you draw something messy because the shadow cannot be seen clear. Tthe best practice reference picture is to find the animation directly.

The examples below are the relatively unsuitable reference images, because the shadow has a gradient, the light and shadow detail level is more complex, and the line draft without shadow... etc. For beginner, copy such the images will be more difficult to draw.

The examples below are the reference pictures that are more suitable for practice. You will notice that the reference pictures suitable for practice are mostly anime pictures colored by celluloid. Because of this kind of pictures colored by celluloid, the light and shadow will be more clearly distinguished. For beginner, it is relatively easy to learn to draw clear shadows.

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2.Draw simple outline

We first draw the sketch line draft we want to draw. Basically, this line draft does not need to be too fine, just roughly draw the outline, but the more accurate the outline, the better! Because the more precise the outlines are drawn, the easier it will be for us to grab the shadows later!

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3.Draw shadow range

Next, we can observe how the shadow appears, and boldly circle the position of the shadow with lines! I know that you may feel that drawing the shadow lines will be abrupt and unreal. In fact, we can use very light force to draw the lines in the shadow range, so that after drawing, the outer lines of the shadow will not be awkward.

4.Start drawing shadows

Once we have determined the scope of the shadow, we can start painting the shadow! Here is the Achilles' heel for beginners, and it is also the point of this tutorial! So I have to remind you here, don't panic, don't rush, be patient, tell yourself, just calm down and draw slowly, and you'll be able to draw great sketch shadows!

Basically, the shadow of a sketch is drawn with hatching. To draw a good hatching, you must be able to draw the lines in the same direction stably, and there will be no obvious line thickness differences. Regarding the pen-control tips for drawing lines, I have done two tutorial before, so you can review them again!"2 tips for hatching drawing, let your lines be as soft as your hair!",and "Quickly make beginner master the practice of drawing lines". After understanding how to control the pen to draw the line, we can try to draw the shadow in the way of the hatching here!

★A tip is to use very light force to draw hatching of the shadows at first. If you feel that the shadows you draw are uneven or too light, you can add more force to the strokes layer by layer!

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5.Add a little detail

After completing the entire sketching, if you want to make the picture more complete and detailed, you can use a little line or dot to embellish some details. Finally, you're done!

After reading this tutorial, do you think that it is not as difficult as you think to draw anime paintings with sketch?

Follow these simple steps to draw like this, at the beginning, you may still be impatient, the force of your hand is uncontrollable...etc.

And difficulty drawing the anime drawing you want to present…

But don't be discouraged!

Try picking up a pen and paper in your spare time to practice a few more times, you will slowly see your progress!

If you feel that you are not very satisfied with what you draw after practicing anime sketching, it seems that something is strange, usually the problem may be the sketch of the reference picture is too difficult, or the overall proportion of the line draft is strange, or the line of the shadow irregular or messy hatching… Basically the problems most people encounter are probably these. It is recommended to see if your drawing is caused by these problems! If you feel that your problem is not the above, and you can't see anything strange, please feel free to comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! I would help you look at the problem point when I have time. I'm glad you finished reading this tutorial, I hope it will be helpful to you! Looking forward to seeing your anime sketching practice too!



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